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No more plain 2D applications. The time for 3D Graphics in applications is here.
Displaying a rotating image is NOT something easy under Windows. But that was in the past. By using Direct3D9 we can display an object static or rotating or moving with whatever speed we like.
And not just only one, we may have many objects.
From the early demos, one year ago the snapshots on the left side. The full demo is HERE.
Contains two executables and support files.
The first application - Project2.exe - displaying a rotating axe. The rotation even though look a bit sluggish, doesn't stop when you are trying to resize the form.
The second one - Project.exe - displaying 3 objects, a Vergina Star rotating over the x axis, an axe rotating over y axis and one more axe rotating over the z axis. Rotation is smoother this time but animation stops when resizing.

And now the most advanced demo:
A 3D car model rotating over any axis.
The scene is fully anti-aliased and environment reflexions are present.
You can download the full demo from HERE.
Arrows Left and Right: Rotation over x axis.
Arrows Up and Down: Rotation over y axis.
PageUp and PageDown Buttons: Rotation over z axis.
Numeric Pad 0 : Reset rotation.
Numeric Pad 2 : Move Camera Backward.
Numeric Pad 8 : Move Camera Forward.
Numeric Pad 4 : Move Camera Left.
Numeric Pad 6 : Move Camera Right.