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George Tokas.
John Tokas.
Electronic Engineer - Lead Programmer.

Research and Development.
Electronic circuit design.
FPGA Design ( Altera etc).
Low level programming language design for Zilog, Atmel, Motorola MCU's.
Hi level programming language design for Zilog - Atmel with C.
Aplications programming for PC.
Editor at Large at C++ Builder Developers Journal.
Current series of articles about Direct3D 9 - 10. The ONE AND ONLY Greek engine for 3D graphics  with C++Builder and more. Source code at
Specialities: Communications ( Local area network & Internet), Client-Server Applications.
Member of Experts-Exchange. and more.
Electronic Engineer.

Applications, Repairs and Management.

The ONLY GREEK Technician for the digital part of  ARCADE GAMES .

Tokas Brothers Digital Systems.